Katie Reidy is an artist born and raised in NY. She is a graffiti artist, character muralist as well as illustrator, and graphic designer. She has a passion for teaching and helping to grow the next generation of artists. The class she created and instructs 'Urban Illustration', has hosted over 1200 students. She teaches skills like felting, illustration and quilling all the way through spray painting and sculptures. Her own designs have been used to create a clothing line for Peter Alexander. She is a custom designer and works on many surfaces ranging from toy design to sneakers, hats and backpacks, to skate boards and custom beat makers. She has participated in group shows across the country. As a graffiti artist and street art muralist, she has participated in events around New York and the city, Mexico, in Florida, as well as creating private home murals, along with over 100 ft wall space at an elementary School.